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NameDescriptionTypeLevel/DifficultyAddedAwarded ByAchieved By
 Project Contributor  The player made a significant contribution to a creative project on the Wulfenrat Network community  medium  2017-03-09  admin AgvstDCinitasBeanjeansTheRisingBlademinimini352GRT3ItssBerryyRuggedSurvivor
 2000 Hours  The player has spent 2000 hours on the server experience  high  2017-03-08  log Beanjeans
 Eagle Totem  The player has successfully Solved Eagle Totem's basic challenge adventure  low  2016-08-15  log RuggedSurvivorWulfenratminimini352BeanjeansAgvstDXanthynecoolgirlabby69TheRisingBladeCollegePizzaCinitasZinikIdkFrothy
 Eagle Totem Secret  The player has successfully found the secret of Eagle Totem adventure  low  2016-08-15  log RuggedSurvivorWulfenratminimini352coolgirlabby69AgvstDBeanjeansXanthyneTheRisingBladeCollegePizzaCinitas
 Cannon Ball  The player has successfully survived as a cannon ball experience  low  2016-03-08  log RuggedSurvivorlio03BiggMann_XanthyneBeanjeansminimini352AgvstDCinitascoolgirlabby69ellieve
 World Destroyer  This player has damaged a world in a way that required the world be restored from a backup bad  medium  2016-01-26  admin minimini352ana8food
 Prison of Learning  The player has completed the Prison of Learning experience  low  2016-01-19  log RuggedSurvivorDonitzzoldmanscottyMrCoolA49Carlosskates159CinitasGRT3DarkphenixxBeanjeansBiggMann_XanthyneStarcat6262minimini352Giffio_ClaudyLuke27262ItssBerryyMORE
 Diamond Bouncer  The player has successfully mastered bouncing in the Slime Jump experience  low  2016-01-01  log RuggedSurvivormegggsAgvstDVanTheBamlio03BlueKazekage12GiingiXanthyne_Candyyy_JadeKaycoolgirlabby69MenKissingBeanjeansana8foodWulfenratTheRisingBladeRontu434MORE
 1000 Hours  The player has spent 1000 hours on the server experience  high  2016-01-01  log AgvstDBeanjeansRuggedSurvivor
 Pyramid of Ranubis  The player solved the Pyramid of Ranubis challenge adventure  medium  2016-01-01  log RuggedSurvivorAgvstDGiingiTheRisingBlademinimini352_Claudycoolgirlabby69Coda_Volezki
 Community Castle Mini-Challenge  The player has solved the mini-challenge found within the Community Castle adventure  low  2016-01-01  log RuggedSurvivorlio03VanTheBamXanthyneTheRisingBladeAgvstDGiingiGRT3minimini352BeanjeansN0lanhawk3169SB_Molly
 Forgotten Fortress  The player has solved the Forgotten Fortress challenge adventure  medium  2016-01-01  log RuggedSurvivorMenKissingAgvstDghbarrattminimini352XanthyneTheRisingBlade1mum
 500 Hours  The player has spent 500 hours on the server experience  medium  2016-01-01  log RuggedSurvivorVanTheBamAgvstDCinitasXanthyneBeanjeanscoolgirlabby69TheRisingBlade
 Elected President  The player has been elected (by popular vote of the other players) to be the president of the Wulfenrat Network for a term community  high  2016-01-01  admin lio03Cinitas

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